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Script Sample from Filmed Play,
Le Contraire De La Solitude

Production: Le Contraire De La Solitude (or, the opposite of lonely)
Theatrical script & screenplay by K. Hernandez Friend, directed by Jessica Wu

This is a feature-length filmed play that is currently in the process of post-production. This clip features actress Jennifer Bareilles.  

Contemporary Musical Theatre: Libretto Sample

Production: Unsung

Book, Music & Lyrics by K. Hernandez Friend

Additional Music & Lyrics by Leigh Cara

This is a full-length contemporary musical theatre piece that is currently in-progress. 

Classic Musical Theatre: Libretto & Lyrics Sample

Production: Ramona

Book, Lyrics, & Additional Music by K. Hernandez Friend

Music by Jaime Lozano, Michael Meketa, & Jessy Tomsko

Additional Music by Andres Maldonado & Duane Minard

This is a full-length, multi-lingual historical musical theatre piece that is complete and seeking development opportunities. 

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