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Kayla is a force to be reckoned with and a fierce champion of underrepresented voices.

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Abuzar Farrukh

Working with Kayla made me feel like I was back in Pakistan - it felt like home.


Kayla's work must be recognized both as an artist of color, a woman, a leader and an educator. She nurtures artists and their work from the first development stages and gives people the opportunities to explore - and she does that by fully embodying the process herself. 


This woman is going to refresh the theatre world...if there was one word to describe her, I'd say 'visionary.'

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Kayla is a force of nature as a writer, composer, producer, director, actress, you name it... I've come to work with her in many of her multi-hyphenate capacities and couldn't be more impressed with the creativity, care and dedication she puts into everything she undertakes.

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